I believe that a well-placed word can change the world.

Hi! I'm Julia.

I'm really good at: Pep talks, punctuation, nonprofit communications and fund development, Adobe Creative Suite, editorial design, WordPress, SEO copywriting, X-Men trivia, woodwork & pyrography, improving my dog's self-esteem.

I'm really bad at: Being bored.


Proud product of New Orleans public schools and the University of Rhode Island. I've worked with traditional agencies and new media firms across the country (sometimes while out of the country).

My real passion is nonprofits. I've helped organizations spanning the gamut from education to ecology clarify their message, connect with their audience, and build fundraising solutions that work.

I'm also a sometimes poet, constant doodler, voracious reader, and full-time companion to a feral Muppet named Jack.

Other things I like include bourbon, interactive fiction, biological illustration in general and the art of Walton Ford in particular, terrible puns, Vietnamese food and telling stories (especially ones that end in terrible puns).