Orleans Public Education Awards

Content development and collateral production for the Orleans Public Education Awards annual fundraising gala. Also led event promotion campaign and sponsorship program.

Parents’ Night Out NOLA

Promotional poster and website for Parents’ Night Out, New Orleans’ first week of parent-centric education events.

Green Justice Legal

Branding and website for Green Justice Legal, a new community law program connecting law students with Gulf Coast area social justice and public interest campaigns.

New Orleans Locavore Dinner 2016

Souvenir poster for the 2016 New Orleans Eat Local Challenge Locavore Dinner at the Growing Local NOLA community farm & garden.

Oxfam Climate Refugee Conference

Invitation and banner for the 2016 “Beyond the Levees: Weathering Climate Change in Louisiana” conference, presented by Oxfam America, the Center for Progressive Reform, and the Loyola University of New Orleans Center for Environmental Law.

The Seven Deadlies

Cover and galley for The Seven Deadlies by Carolyn Moore, author of The Great Uncluttering and What Euclid’s Third Axiom Neglects To Mention About Circles.